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Who We Are

The Gopher Dairy Club is one of the most active student organizations on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus.

We hold monthly meetings during the academic year as well as participate in a variety of activities including: Regional and National American Dairy Science Association (ADSA), Minnesota Royal, an annual awards banquet, a senior trip to California and an alumni reunion at Minnesota State Fair. 


The Gopher Dairy Bar at the Minnesota State Fair provides profit from sales of milk and milkshakes and results in the Gopher Dairy Club having the largest budget among student organizations on the Twin Cities campus.

This budget permits club members to travel free of charge to numerous dairy events around the country. From participating in our annual club farm trip, to organizing FFA dairy judging contests, to a California trip for senior members - the opportunities available to Gopher Dairy Club members are endless.

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While not directly affiliated with the Gopher Dairy Club, historically members of the University of Minnesota dairy judging team have also been active members of the club. Dr. Les Hansen, our club advisor, has also served as a longtime dairy judging coach for Minnesota. Other coaches at this time are Eric Houdek and Gabriella Houdek. 

The University of Minnesota dairy judging teams have competed very successfully in national and regional contests. This year they won the National Contest at World Dairy Expo! Take a look at the decorated success of current and past teams on the University of Minnesota Department of Animal Science website. 

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Regional .HEIC

Another activity available is the Dairy Challenge Team. Students work on a team to tour and analyze a dairy farm and put together a presentation with recommendations to maximize herd profit for a panel of judges consisting of industry professionals.

Coached by Marcia Endres, the University of Minnesota has sent many successful teams to the Midwest Regional and National Contests. 

Our Mission: 

To promote a higher scholastic standard among students interested in the dairy industry;
to promote dairy interest, especially among students at the University of Minnesota; and to
bring about a closer relationship among the students and faculty who exhibit interest in the dairy industry.
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