Michaela King


Year in School: Senior
Major: Professional Journalism/Photography
Hometown: Big Bend, Wisconsin


Dairy Background: I actually grew up on my family's 200 head beef farm but dairy was always where my true passion laid. I leased from a family friend and ended up showing both beef and dairy at the county and state level my entire 4-H career. I worked for the family friend throughout my high school and worked for an agricultural magazine this summer. 


Why did you decide to take on a leadership/executive position in the club? When I started at the U, I wanted nothing to do with agriculture. For a CLA assignment, I had to attend a meeting for a club and GDC was the first place I went. With time the passion everyone else in the club spread to me and I found out why I fell in love with the dairy industry in the first place. I wanted to be a part of the exec team to give back to the club that helped me find my passion again. I also wanted to help make the greatness that is GDC even better.  


How are you involved on campus and in Gopher Dairy Club? On campus, I serve as publicity and picture chair for the Beta of Clovia sorority. I also serve on the CFANS Undergraduate Student Board as the Gopher Dairy Club representative. I am in a photography club and journalism magazine club on the Minneapolis campus. In GDC, I am serving as the Yearbook co-chair. I have previously served on the Gopher Dairy Camp committee and as the club's photographer. Additionally, I was a counselor for Gopher Dairy Camp, worked in Gopher Dairy Bar and have attended regional ADSA. 


What are your future plans after graduation? After graduation, my plan is to get a job in agricultural journalism. I want to travel the country exploring different farming operations and telling their stories. 


What is your favorite dairy breed and why? My favorite breed of cow is definitely Brown Swiss. I grew up showing them and they are truly the most gentle breed in my opinion. 

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