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Mikayla Peper


Year in School: Senior
Major: Agricultural Communication and Marketing, and minors in Animal Science and Agricultural & Food Business Management
Hometown: Osceola, WI


Dairy Background: I was fortunate to be brought into the dairy industry by working on my neighbor's dairy farm growing up. What started as play dates feeding spent the calves grew into a love for cows and the industry as a whole. I continued my involvement in agriculture by joining FFA and 4-H, which lead me to showing cattle at my county fair and at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Why did you decide to take on a leadership/executive position in the club? I have loved this club and this group of students since my very first meeting. I have always been inspired by the past leaders of the club who helped me navigate through our activities and life on campus. I wanted to try and continue on that legacy of leadership and friendship by being there for my peers however I can.

How are you involved on campus and in Gopher Dairy Club? In GDC I have been on several committees and I served as the CFANS undergraduate student board representative and as a gopher dairy camp co-chair, along with my current position on the executive team. I am also in Lambda Delta Phi Sorority, Agricultural Business Club, and the Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing Club.

What are your future plans after graduation? I plan to continue my involvement in the dairy industry, by connecting consumers to producers through sharing the dairy story.

If you could be one dairy product, what would you be and why? I would be ice cream! It comes in so many flavors and can make any day so much better!

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